Left to our own devices, we’ll probably go off the rails. Why? Partly due to the fact that we are too close to the situation and get ruled by our emotions and past habits. It’s easy to give up hope and lose motivation when we’re trying something new.

I’ve found this is especially true if we don’t have personal experience of it working out, or if we have tried and not succeeded in the past. Leading to the small daily steps required feeling futile (without support to keep us on track).

On the other hand when we know that we can (and will) succeed, and we have a support network in place, success is inevitable. We need people to help us stand back up when we fall down.

Reward & Accountability

Research shows that rewards and accountability help us persevere and ultimately succeed. In the case of reaching a health goal – getting healthy is the reward. We all know – it can take time, so being willing to allow others to help you achieve your goals – greatly improves your chances of success.

When you feel like giving up, then you can think of your motivation for getting started (the reward or end state) and also speak to your accountability partner.

Often we don’t think what we do matters, especially if we don’t have anyone to answer to. Makes no logical sense, but that’s what humans are like. We often chose temporary comfort over long term success.

A while ago I met an (aspiring) Olympic athlete who was extremely successful around the world. When questioned, she said that the thing that keeps her going is both having everything organized for her in advance, as well as having coaches for every area of her training.

Therefore, a step-by-step plan that is laid down ahead of time and scheduled in, along with coaching seems to be the key to reaching your goals.

Social Pressure & Facts

When we don’t’ have social pressure and expectations then we’ll often give in to temptation. Our attitude can change if we don’t keep it in check. Therefore, having someone that you can contact as well as keeping a track of facts and figures will help us reach our goals.

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.”  ― Thomas S. Monson.

For this reason, using a journal or diary to track your progress when you are on a mission is a fabulous idea. At the very least you can see where you fell down so that you can improve your outcomes in the future.

Commitment is the Secret Sauce for Success

One study done by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) showed that our chance of succeeding in reaching our goals rises dramatically when we get others involved. See the percentage rates of success below:

  • 10% Idea or a goal alone
  • 25% Make a decision that you’ll achieve a goal
  • 40% Decide when you’ll achieve a goal
  • 50% Plan how you’ll accomplish the goal
  • 65% Commit to another person that you’ll achieve a goal
  • 95% Make an accountability appointment

If the figures above stand true, then to succeed in our goals we must follow this course of action:-


To ensure our success then an Accountability Appointment or Coaching is key. Here you’ll meet with the person with whom you’ve committed to discuss your progress and clear up any issues along the way.

On-going meetings to track your progress are paramount to success!

Deciding with friends or family is normally not enough, because people close to you like you the way you are and don’t truly want you to change. That’s why you love them. Also, they know how to press your buttons and feel comforted when you carry out familiar actions. A coach, on the other hand, has your back. They’re committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Every time you meet, you’ll be one-step-closer to meeting your goals. That alone is progress!

Peer 2 Peer Networks

Often the beauty of an education program is the people that you’ll meet. It’s great to go through something new together and meet new friends. Additionally, we can share resources, learn from each other and grow.

People are busy and need to have information delivered in a format that suits their lifestyles. So replays, webinars, and podcasts to listen to on the go are a great way to consume information.

1-on-1 Coaching

Some people like to be held accountable on a personal level. This is a more expensive, yet more successful approach. Finding the right Coach for any area of your life is done by ensuring that you pick someone who is relatable to you.

Looking for the perfect Accountability Partner or Coach is an important part of the journey. Your coach should be someone who has been where you are and has been successful in reaching the goals that you want to reach. They should challenge and engage you to help you reach your goals.

Apps & Membership Areas

Apps and membership areas can be critical to success for some people. For people with a more analytical mind, they like the playful aspect of an app that can track progress and goals. A members area (when done right) should clearly guide you through the entire process – end to end.

There shouldn’t be too much content (eg. So much that overwhelms members) however, content should be available for members to access easily and in an appropriate format. Your app or members area is where you store everything that you need to succeed in achieving the goal. The app should be SUCCESS FOCUSED, first and foremost.  This includes any accountability appointments that are scheduled, Q&A calls, etc…

In Conclusion

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals. In fact, the studies show that you have a  90% chance of failing if you don’t take steps to ensure success.  Daily habits and activities can take over and wash out our original plan if we don’t plan carefully. Scheduling the right kind of accountability or coaching into your calendar is required to help you reach your goals.

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